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A new Summer, A new life

Summer always inspires me, changes me. This summer I’ve decided to stop trying to be the modern popular girl, and getting more in touch with my creative side. Honestly, right now i love it. I’m not constantly trying to keep up with the latest gossip or drama, or who’s dating who. And it’s not as stressful anymore. I’m worrying more about worldly problems, like global warming, and the next great stories. I’m worried about equal rights, and bullying. I’m worrying about providing help for teenage depression. I’m trying to help, instead of focusing on things that won’t be important in two years.


2 thoughts on “A new Summer, A new life

  1. This is a great perspective to have, and the world around us is so beautiful especially in the summertime–makes life even better, no? I hope you have a splendid day!


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