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So typical of me, really. *WARNING, HP6 SPOILERS*

     I have started reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the 13th time. Yes I am obsessed with the series. But my favorite book and movie never fail to be this one. I’ve heard that some people think that it is the most pointless book. That is absurd. You learn about Tom Riddle (Voldemort’s) past, you see the true connection between Dumbledore and Harry, you see how bad Draco’s life has gotten, and how he really isn’t evil. He just doesn’t want him or his family to die. You see Dumbledore’s death. You discover about the Horcuruxes! This is by far my favorite movie, because this one is a lot of back story, and has more information about the other characters than any other. So yeah. It also has more to it than just the Harry Potter story. It has good and evil. It has survival. It is so much more. J.K Rowling really is brilliant. SHe has woven a timeless tell of magic, and oh so much more. So please, give it a look. Don’t Hate on it!



News flash, I will be updating my blog, and changing a lot of stuff. I am also changing my pen name to Victoria Keith. 


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