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So I’m working on a new fantasy trilogy, and was Writing a character bio for my main character. I got so into it that I filled out three whole pages! Just about her. And then I realized I probably couldn’t even do that for my best friend! It’s ridiculous that I know more about a character that I just created than my best friend but sometimes fictional characters are better best friends that anyone could ever be. Because they’re not real but they seems so perfect because you created them and they cannot you wanted it even if it’s a bad quality. I think that’s why I get into making character so much because I can make them how I want them Without all the terrible qualities that I hate. I wish I could do that to people so they weren’t so crappy! So comment like subscribe see you later guys!!!


One thought on “Characters

  1. Have you ever had such a strong visual image of one of your characters and then saw that exact persona in real life? When that happened to me I couldn’t stop staring. o.O

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