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About Me :)

Thank you for coming to my blog! So here’s a little more information about me ( My last one was pretty bad and i read some others for inspiration so here you go)

~I am Victoria Keith. I am a teenager in America. Obviously. I’m very spunky and outgoing. I tend to prattle and babble and carry on, so I apologize if I do that. Also, I am trying to stay anonymous so if you think you know who I am, keep it to yourself, PLEASE!!!!!!

~I am very social and love to hear from my lovely followers/ visitors. I will reply to any comments and/or questions.

~I am also working on setting up a professional(paid for domain ^-^) blog for all my short stories, book reviews, poetry, etc…

~My favorite thing in the world is Harry Potter. I am obsessed with Alan Rickman, Tom Felton, and Gary Oldman. Most my favorite quotes are from Albus Dumbledore. I praise the creativity of J.K Rowling. I really must say, I will go on and on about it. Feel free to ask any questions about Harry Potter and I will answer them!

~ My hobbies are writing, reading, photography, drawing, playing piano and guitar and blogging. That is sad isn’t it? I write all the time, resulting in many short stories that I will share on here, possibly. I also write tons of Harry Potter fan fiction. I also do requests for photo edits, etc…

~I am very fashion forward. So yes, you will see many ‘fashion’ posts on here. This blog is a scrapbook of everything I love.

~I will change my blogs look for a while until I find one I can live with, so be prepared!


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