Happy late birthday to America! *really short post alert*



So I’m working on a new fantasy trilogy, and was Writing a character bio for my main character. I got so into it that I filled out three whole pages! Just about her. And then I realized I probably couldn’t even do that for my best friend! It’s ridiculous that I know more about a character that I just created than my best friend but sometimes fictional characters are better best friends that anyone could ever be. Because they’re not real but they seems so perfect because you created them and they cannot you wanted it even if it’s a bad quality. I think that’s why I get into making character so much because I can make them how I want them Without all the terrible qualities that I hate. I wish I could do that to people so they weren’t so crappy! So comment like subscribe see you later guys!!!

So typical of me, really. *WARNING, HP6 SPOILERS*

     I have started reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince for the 13th time. Yes I am obsessed with the series. But my favorite book and movie never fail to be this one. I’ve heard that some people think that it is the most pointless book. That is absurd. You learn about Tom Riddle (Voldemort’s) past, you see the true connection between Dumbledore and Harry, you see how bad Draco’s life has gotten, and how he really isn’t evil. He just doesn’t want him or his family to die. You see Dumbledore’s death. You discover about the Horcuruxes! This is by far my favorite movie, because this one is a lot of back story, and has more information about the other characters than any other. So yeah. It also has more to it than just the Harry Potter story. It has good and evil. It has survival. It is so much more. J.K Rowling really is brilliant. SHe has woven a timeless tell of magic, and oh so much more. So please, give it a look. Don’t Hate on it!



News flash, I will be updating my blog, and changing a lot of stuff. I am also changing my pen name to Victoria Keith. 

A new Summer, A new life

Summer always inspires me, changes me. This summer I’ve decided to stop trying to be the modern popular girl, and getting more in touch with my creative side. Honestly, right now i love it. I’m not constantly trying to keep up with the latest gossip or drama, or who’s dating who. And it’s not as stressful anymore. I’m worrying more about worldly problems, like global warming, and the next great stories. I’m worried about equal rights, and bullying. I’m worrying about providing help for teenage depression. I’m trying to help, instead of focusing on things that won’t be important in two years.

To those who built this world…

Thank you for building this world, for giving us the things we have. The technology that we use, that we are hooked on. Thank you for the safety we have, for everything. But I do have one question:

How did you even begin to understand the world?

Starting with Newton, how did you solve the mystery of the falling apple. How did you know where to start, with no other information to back you up? Same goes for all the creators of the common world, common knowledge…With nothing to back you up, how did you even begin? Why out of all people, you chose to ask the question: ‘Why?’



I’m apology for my lack of writing. Quite a few things ( good and bad ) have been happening lately. I’m here once more to encourage those lost, to find there way back, and for those stuck on the path, to get lost. Never let a dull moment come to you and leave the same. Let it be turned and morphed into something new, unique, unseen: something that will take the world by storm, burning, fueling. Let it show them what you are made of and what you can do. And never, leave a life untouched. Those are my words of wisdom. I’m not here as a guidance counselor; I’m here as a friend, an alliance, the one to help you through life.

~ Victoria Keith